Wet 'n Wild Emerald Pointe will be closed for the remainder of the day, July 7th.  All dated tickets will be made valid for any one operating day during the summer season.


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H2Go Pass

Less Waiting. More FUN!

Spend more time enjoying your day with Wet 'n Wild’s H2Go ride reservation system. The H2Go Pass is a virtual queuing system that waits in line for you. Your H2Go Pass can be managed through your phone or wristband. Select the attraction and once your countdown has reached zero, you will be alerted that your reservation is ready. You are now free to enter through the H2Go entrance at the reserved attraction. You can enter when your reservation is ready, or any time after, making the most of your day. The H2Go Pass does not grant admission into the park. A $50 refundable deposit is required if you use a watch band.


Dr. Von Dark



Elite Pass

Reduce the wait time by up to 90%


Premium Pass

Reduce the wait time by up to 50%


Standard Pass

With the H2Go Standard Pass, your reservation time will be equal to the current wait time, however, you don’t have to physically stand in line. 

  • Terms & Conditions


    1. The H2Go Pass application is an add-on and, therefore, is NOT included as part of the Park’s admission fee.
    2. H2Go Pass is for the individual that purchased and is not transferable. In cases of groups or families, every group or family member will need to purchase its own H2Go Pass.  
    3. You will need to possess a smartphone or device with access to the internet in order to use the H2Go Pass web service and your H2Go Pass product. If you do not have a compatible smartphone or device, you must rent a wearable device from the park to use the H2Go Pass product. Renting a wearable device requires paying a refundable deposit.
    4. The H2Go Pass application is available in different variants (Standard, Premium, and Elite) which offer shorter wait times at select rides as described in the product offer.
      Please note that in periods of low-frequency H2Go Pass might offer you little or no advantages compared to normal waiting times. So please, consider whether the product suits you before purchasing.
    5. The different variants of the H2Go Pass product can be purchased online via the WET ‘N WILD EMERALD POINTE webstore as an add on https://h2goemeraldpointe.com. By selecting the H2Go Pass product and after payment you will receive confirmation that will be sent to your e-mail address. With the web application and your e-mail address, you can activate your selected H2Go Pass and use it for the respective day and attractions.
    6. Prices are based on a per-person charge. WET ‘N WILD EMERALD POINTE operates a pricing structure and trading calendar. Prices may vary based on the time of purchase and provider. WET ‘N WILD EMERALD POINTE reserves the right to change these without notice.           
    7. H2Go Pass is valid for select rides and attractions in the park, and these are subject to change upon reasonable notice. It is available for personal and non-commercial use only.
    8. H2Go Pass is only available for one-day use on the day of activation.  No refund or partial refunds are available for H2Go Pass after activating the H2Go Pass, either on your smartphone or upon renting a wearable device.
    9. WET ‘N WILD EMERALD POINTE operates a Ride Access Pass system for guests with disabilities. This may result in guests with Ride Access Passes taking loading priority over other guests on some rides and attractions. There might also be times when H2Go Pass users will be required to wait past their allocated slot due to unforeseen circumstances.
    10. H2Go Pass is only valid for one ride at a time. You cannot reserve several rides at the same time. If you would like to reserve a different ride, you will be asked to alternatively cancel the ride that was your current reservation.
    11. H2Go Pass cannot be used for parking, restaurants, and any other activities additional to the rides.
    12. H2Go Pass does not entitle you to choose your ride seat preference.  Parties may have to split up on tubes, rafts, and or individual seats that are not suitable for the number in their group.
    13. Please use H2Go Pass entries to skip the queue of those who do not have H2Go Pass. If the H2Go Pass entry offers a turnstile with scan functionality, the H2Go Pass could be scanned directly at the turnstile.
    14. Do not enter the H2Go Pass ride entrance prior to your reservation time. Your reservation will not be honored until it is shown as ready or after your scheduled reservation time. Your reservation must be validated by an attendant prior to boarding the attraction. Your ride reservation does not expire except in cases where the park has closed for the day or the ride has been closed for unforeseen circumstances.
    15. If you lose your smartphone or delete your H2Go Pass by mistake, no refund can be given, but you can access the provided H2Go Pass e-mail link via another device.
    16. Guests found to be misusing an H2Go Pass session in any way or attempting to contradict any of the aforementioned terms and conditions will have their session revoked and will not be refunded.
    17. For questions or concerns, please reach out via email to Customercare@accesso.com or write to Wet 'n Wild Emerald Pointe at 3910 S Holden Rd, Greensboro, NC 27295.