Limited Operating Schedules

Thank you for choosing Wet'n Wild Emerald Pointe as your place for summer family fun! Front gates open at 10:00 AM with most rides and attractions open progressively between 11:00 AM and 12:00 Noon (weather permitting). August 12th-25th is scheduled for "Limited Operations" In addition to the ride closures noted below, some rides may close briefly to accommodate Team Member breaks or rotate operations during the day. During these times, some food stands may also be closed. Thank you for your understanding as many of our Team Members return back to school and participate in school related activities such as band camps, sport training, orientations, etc. To assist you with planning your day, we are providing a list of rides and attractions that are scheduled* to operate.

• Thunder Bay Wave Pool

• Double Barrel Blast

• Shipwreck Cove

• Serpentine Slides

• Dr. Von Dark

• Dragon’s Den

• Riptide Racer

• Happy Harbor

• Rattlers Reef

• Soak Zone

• Lazee River

• Splash Island

• Twin Twisters/Dare Devil Drop

• Raging Rapids/Runaway Raft Ride

• The Edge

• Tropical Drop