Wet’n Wild Emerald Pointe, the Carolinas’ favorite waterpark, announces the newest addition to its world-class attraction lineup that’s guaranteed to provide heart pounding thrills for the upcoming 2021 season – Bombs Away, a pair of high altitude, free-fall body slides, each with a different ride experience!

Bombs Away will take brave riders to a towering height of nearly six-stories. Once they reach the top, riders can choose one of two ride experiences, either an enclosed, looping slide or an open vertical drop slide. From there, they enjoy a breathtaking view of the Park before stepping into an enclosed, launch capsule where the countdown begins for what will happen next. Within seconds, the floor below drops out, sending riders free falling at 26 feet per second through a heart-pounding adventure before reaching the run out below! Bombs Away also promises to be as thrilling to watch as it is to experience, allowing spectators to view riders taking the plunge through its vibrant, translucent red, white and blue layout.

Minimum Height 48"
Thrill Level High
Drawing of Bombs Away showing one closed in slide and one open

Height: 45.5 feet

Speed: 26 feet per second

Length: 266 feet

Duration: 30 seconds

Passengers: 1